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Carnival Time in Portugal

One of the most memorable times to be visiting Portugal is late winter/early spring when the country explodes into a frenzy of song and dance as the annual carnival season gets underway.

Touring Trás-os-Montes

With its remote beauty and strong, independently-minded people, Trás-os-Montes (meaning ‘beyond the mountains’) is one of the most isolated and genuinely unspoilt parts of southern Europe.

Cabo Girão

One of the highest sea cliffs in the world is Cabo Girão, a rugged headland that looms menacingly over Madeira’s southern shoreline, just 15 km west of the island’s capital, Funchal.

The Highest of Portuguese Flyers

Charles Lindbergh might have received global recognition for his solo air crossing of the Atlantic in 1927, but it was two Portuguese pilots - Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral (pictured left and right, respectively) - who had previously set the pace five years earlier with their historic journey from Portugal to Brazil, the world’s first-ever flight over the South Atlantic.

The Town of Tavira

Approached through green fields studded with almond trees, the photogenic town of Tavira is one of the most attractive places in the Eastern Algarve.

Madeira's Ancient Laurel Forest

Sweeping across much of the northern and central parts of Madeira island in the Atlantic, the world's largest remaining expanse of primeval laurel forest not only dates back to the dinosaurs but has somehow survived almost six hundred years of human habitation.

Portugal Joins the Big Wave Tour

Portugal is now an official venue on the World Surf League's annual Big Wave Tour, joining Chile, Peru, Mexico, Hawaii and California as one of the big wave championship destinations for 2017 and beyond.

Star Quality

With a height of 1,993 metres, Estrela (meaning star) is by far the highest and most imposing of all the mountains on the Portuguese mainland. Topped only by Pico in the Azores, it is an integral part of the central chain of Iberian mountains and the main feature in a magical land of cobbled roads, Roman bridges, ancient castles, gushing waterfalls, stately manor-houses and tiny villages stretched out along a fertile plateau between the Zêzere and Mondego rivers.

City of Spies

Lisbon, along with its glorious stretch of golden coastline, was a hive of spying activity during the Second World War, with many secret agents from both sides operating under the cover of their diplomatic status. Portugal’s neutrality both encouraged and facilitated the presence of some of history’s most celebrated spies, including 007 creator Ian Fleming, actor Leslie Howard and British author Graham Greene, among many others.

The Spa Town of Chaves

Over the centuries, Chaves has been fought over by the Romans, the French during the Peninsular War and repeated Spanish invaders. Thermal springs and nearby gold deposits encouraged the Romans to establish an important stronghold there in AD 78, while their emperor Vespasiano christened the town Aquae Flaviae in recognition of the quality of its natural spring waters.

The Prince of Tides

Spurred by Prince Henry the Navigator (1394-1460), the Portuguese discovered precisely what Columbus was seeking – the fabled Indies. They also charted new sea routes halfway around the world to destinations as far as Japan.

Fair and Square

It is widely claimed that Portugal is the land of the azulejo painted tile and in no other country and by no other people has it been used on such a vast scale or in such an original way.

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